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جديد المصري في الهايد بارك وهو يتصدى لحملات التبشير

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  1. That really caprtues the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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  6. Hopefully when they will inevitably bring some bill to disarm law abiding Americans and not change any of the “rights of the mentally disturbed” that make it nearly impossible to commit them UNTIL they act out in something like this, will anyone yell about the incredible amount of weaponry and ammo that all those articles from not long ago alerted the public to re: govt arming itself? Things will certainly become lopsided on the side of the thugs don’t you think?

  7. If you are so upset with my comment…Just take it baby !there are 34 vote up…Hurra!…Sorry the true hurt…No more comments,so do not waist you time…booboo..baba..caca..hoho…hahahah

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